The world of video game design is not for those who simply love to play video games. It is a complex science that has become one of the nation’s most popular college majors. VGD combines artistic talent with high mathematics and computer programming ability. The serious designer will look for schools with “industry current” facilities, small classes, high post graduate employment rates and supportive faculty who come from the actual gaming industry.

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  • Professional Associations are where the industry of the major gather together
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www.igda.orgInternational Game Developers Association 19 Mantua Road Mt. Royal, New Jersey USA 08061Phone: +1-(856)-423-2990Fax: +1-(856)-423-3420Email: VideosDemo At IGDA New Nork: Frontlines: Fuel of War 3 of 3Demo at IGDA New York - Slingo Quest: part 2 of 2Demo at IGDA New York - U.B. Funkeys 1 of 4 IGDA Core Values:Community We cultivate opportunities for our members and advance the profession when we communicate with our peers. We value inclusion and diversity as it makes us stronger, wiser and more relevant. We empower ourselves when we share information and opinions, collectivize resources and advocate on issues that concern us. We value the traditions and history of this community. Professionalism Game development is a bona fide profession dependent on the skills of talented individuals. As development professionals, we espouse conduct that is honorable and ethical, and beneficial to the profession, the industry and society at large. Expression Games are an expressive medium worthy of the same respect, and protections, as movies, literature and other forms of art and entertainment. We oppose any effort that would treat games differently from other forms of art and creative expression. Innovation We embrace and support "continual innovation" as being central to the medium of games, the game development profession and the IGDA.Impact Games and play are a major element in cultures around the world, with profound artistic, social, spiritual and technological impacts. They change the world in numerous ways such as entertaining, enhancing learning, inspiring creativity and innovation and forging new social connections. Leadership The IGDA provides leadership in addressing current and future issues affecting our profession. The IGDA's role includes advocating publicly on issues that concern members, and on creating opportunities to empower its members. The IGDA provides leadership development opportunities for our members. As an individual member Leadership means taking ownership, being a role model and a contributor to progress. Fun We are a community with a playful and fun culture, in an industry based on creating stimulating experiences for others. Games engage and entertain. Fun is in our DNA and we embrace that. IDGA Poster IGDA Phoenix Game Jam IGDA Melbourne, AustraliaIGDA gathering in Toronto, CanadaIGDA mixer - Austin, TexasIGDA Pstudio StourIGDA honors Sheri Graner Ray Visit
19 Mantua Road Mt. Royal, New Jersey USA 08061 Visit