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For Students

Learn about College Majors by: 

  • Exploring University profiles/videos on each subject (To see what you will ACTUALLY LEARN and DO while in College) 
  • Exploring Student/Professional Associations in each Major (To see the major at a much deeper level)
  • Reading Industry Publications (To understand the daily news of your Major) 
  • Links to Future Employers (To see the REAL professional nature of your major) 

For College Advisors & Guidance Counselors

  • College Majors 101 is a FREE resource for both you AND your students (CM101 is funded by traditional, 4 year, Colleges and Universities) 
  • Students do NOT have to register (Simply give them the site, and let them learn) 
  • Watch University made videos to see facilities and outcomes (No need to rely on "Rankings") 
  • Research College and University programs in each Major (Learn about programs you may have overlooked)
  • Access Industry Publications (for your own professional development) 
  • Access "Future Employer” websites 
  • Encourage students to use the "Get Recruited" section (Universities actively seek students for individual Majors

For Colleges & Universities

Colleges and Universiities Partner with CM101 for two specific purposes..

  • Our University partners become the actual source of "First Understanding" as to what a Major ACTUALLY is.  Parents, Students and Counselors can take stock in knowing that when they learn about a major on CM101, its from the Universities that ACTUALLY teach it!!
  • Universitiy Admissions Offices proactively connect with students who show a propensity toward, or interest in, a particular Major or set of Majors.