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Why is this Important?

  • Watching videos on the subject helps you understand the true nature of the major
  • Viewing student work helps you see the quality and complexity of what you’ll study
  • Videos allow you to see facilities, and resources of schools that teach the major

More About Graphic Design

"We see graphic design as a comprehensive activity of visual problem solving for professional leaders working in branding, UI/UX, packaging, spatial design, publication design, and typeface design, among others. Our graduates bring the ability to think and make critically and to thrive as professional designers."
(Provided By: Maryland Institute for Creative Arts)

"That blend of small classes, big ideas, and proven outcomes has led to multiple-award-winning work, and propelled our graduates to their dream jobs in: advertising, publishing, entertainment design, web design, web animation, creative art direction, and every design role —including heading up their own design firm."
(Provided By: The College of St. Rose)

"Our graduates work in design studios across the United States and around the world. As a design professional, you’ll be prepared to design posters, catalogues and books, create logos, brand new products, design websites and apps for social media, create motion graphics for companies, or redesign packaging for everything from cereal to computers."
(Provided By: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania)

"The work of today's designers spans an exciting array of media, from conventional printing to emerging digital platforms. That dynamic landscape, combined with the timeless art of graphic design—mixing words and images to communicate visually—assures a rewarding career of disseminating ideas, knowledge, and possibilities to a global audience."
(Provided By: Champlain College)

"Our degree in digital graphics and design with equip you with the latest knowledge and skills in graphic communication to serve a wide range of industries and organizations, including advertising and marketing firms, corporate design departments, publishing companies, web design firms and Internet service companies."
(Provided By: Indiana Institute of Technology)

"Whether students are interested in pursuing art direction or copywriting, they learn from industry leaders and begin building professional portfolios from day one. They create immersive user experiences, working in teams, using research, consumer insights and a range of technology"
(Provided By: The College for Creative Studies)

"Graphic Design is a diverse, dynamic, and flexible field, and Ringling’s Graphic Design program gives you a deep understanding of the design thinking process and how to apply it to a broad spectrum of 2D, 3D, and screen-based media. Learn strategies for creating concepts and designing interfaces that entice, inform, and surprise the user."
(Provided By: Ringling College of Art and Design)