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Why is this Important?

  • Watching videos on the subject helps you understand the true nature of the major
  • Viewing student work helps you see the quality and complexity of what you’ll study
  • Videos allow you to see facilities, and resources of schools that teach the major

More About Construction Management

"The B.S. in Urban Construction Management degree at UNO will provide a holistic approach to urban construction management and will include courses in engineering, management, history and urban studies. The students graduating with this unique degree will specialize in urban residential and commercial planning, design, and sustainable construction management techniques. They will also be knowledgeable and proficient in preservation and restoration of historically significant housing, monuments, structures, facilities, and related construction features."
(Provided By; The University of New Orleans)

"The School of Construction Expo is designed for students throughout the area, as well as contractors, and instructors to get an opportunity to network and experience first-hand tools, equipment, and techniques used in the field today. Through live demonstrations, presentations, and interactive exhibits, students explore career opportunities and vendors can interact with potential future employees."
(Provided By: Pittsburg State University)

"The Construction Management program offers exciting educational experiences that prepare you for a career as a professional constructor. You will receive education and course work in many aspects of construction from planning and scheduling to materials and structures. The program will provide you with theoretical and practical learning experiences in both classroom and laboratory environments. Graduates are knowledgeable in planning, scheduling, estimating, project management and many other skills necessary for a construction professional."
(Provided By: Indiana State University)

"As the only B.S. Construction program offered in the New York tri-state area, your studies will include engineering mechanics and graphics, survey and geomatics, construction materials, building construction, concrete and steel structure design, construction management, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, and project management."
(Provided By: New York Institute of Technology)

"Construction Management is the management of the fascinating and complex process that results in the roads, bridges, buildings and industrial facilities upon which we all depend. The built environment involves marshaling the resources required ― labor, materials, equipment, time and money ― and then translating the work of architects and engineers into tangible structures."
(Provided By: Sacramento State University)

"As a Construction Project Management student, you will study topics in civil engineering technology, management, advanced manufacturing science, computer information systems and technical communication. You can also choose to focus your degree on either Computer Information Systems or Management."
(Provided By: Metropolitan State University-Denver)

"Construction management is a professional degree leading to a wide variety of career options. Northern’s construction management program equips students to be skilled in coordinating all phases of building construction, including estimating, scheduling, preconstruction, interpreting scopes of work as well as writing contracts, purchasing materials, and working with subcontractors and vendors to ensure project success. Academic and real-world opportunities are provided that are intended to enhance the student learning experience." 
(Provided By: Northern Michigan University)