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Why is this Important?

  • Watching videos on the subject helps you understand the true nature of the major
  • Viewing student work helps you see the quality and complexity of what you’ll study
  • Videos allow you to see facilities, and resources of schools that teach the major

More About Accounting

"Accountants measure the results of economic activities and report or attest to such activity to investors, management, regulators and other stakeholders. Accounting courses and related programs at UCR School of Business are designed to prepare students for thriving careers in areas such as audit and assurance, management accounting, taxation, financial accounting and management consulting."
(Provided By: The University of California-Riverside)

"With a degree in Accounting, you will join one of the most in-demand fields with excellent starting wages. You will have a chance to earn a degree that will prepare you to analyze and evaluate the internal and external operations of a business."
(Provided By: Black Hills State University)

"Our Business Administration and Accounting programs provide a rigorous academic experience whereby students learn the fundamentals of accounting, finance, management, marketing, operations, information systems and business law tax and auditing."
(Provided By: Emory and Henry College)

"As business laws and regulations continue to change and grow, there is a great demand for accounting expertise. Join an exciting career field where you can combine analytical and detail-orientated work with problem-solving and team environment."
(Provided By: Heidelberg University)

"If you think accounting is just another desk job, think again. When you save small business thousands of dollars, discover a major financial error or help someone create financial plans for a more secure future, you’re a vital member of your team."
(Provided By: Bowie State University)

"You'll earn a solid salary right after you graduate. Starting salaries for accounting grads are often around $55,000, median salaries are $70,500 and some of the best paid accountants make $122,840." 
(Provided By: Point Park University)

"An extensive internship program connects students with leading firms in the New York metropolitan area. Graduates are recruited by the "Big Four" global accounting firms as well as international, national, regional, and local accounting firms, corporations, and government agencies"
(Provided By: Long Island University)

"As an accountant, you will be solving real business problems. You can use your accounting education to provide accurate data for your company, data that will be used in daily decision-making. You can ensure the integrity of the financial data for your company and work in partnership with others in your company, using your accounting knowledge and skills to help drive your company’s success."
(Provided By: Iowa State University)

"Accounting is central to effective management of business enterprises and is a key component in the proper functioning of the free market system. There are many rewarding career opportunities in accounting and related professions such as security analysis, investment banking, corporate finance, banking and taxation."
(Provided By: New York University)