Public health professionals work in both the public and private sectors. The Public Health Major is one who enjoys the fields of medicine and science, but also the public policy or political science aspects of the major. With a Public Heath Degree, you will find work in local, state, or federal health departments. The jobs available at health departments range from Food Safety Inspectors to Health Educators; from Policy Analysts to Epidemiologists. Other public health professionals will find work in university systems as researchers.

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  • When students read what the industry reads, you better understand the ACTUAL major
  • Magazines, Blogs and Newspapers in the industry provide a wealth of information 
  • Industry publications help you research the major in the way it’s used in the profession



The American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) is dedicated to the publication of original work in research, research methods, and program evaluation in the... Visit
Cover of publication: adolescent mental health ... Dementia: a public health priority ... Latest edition of the public health regulations that are legally binding on... Visit
Since 1987, Health magazine has published articles on a wide variety of health topics, including women's health. Health Magazine is available in both print and online format. Health magazine is "must reading" for men and women of all ages, especially busy career professionals and those nearing or in retirement. Visit
Perspectives in Public Health is an indexed bi-monthly, multidisciplinary public health journal with a truly international scope. Indexed in PubMed and ISI, ... Visit
MyHealth Magazine is a health and wellness program delivered through a series of ... (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence) and the Public Health ... Visit
The College of Public Health produces a yearly magazine to highlight the research from our faculty and students. Below are PDF versions from over the years. Visit
BMC Public Health is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on the epidemiology of disease and the understanding of all aspects of ... Visit