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  • Watching videos on the subject helps you understand the true nature of the major
  • Viewing student work helps you see the quality and complexity of what you’ll study
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More About Parks & Recreation Mgmt

"If you have a keen interest in the outdoors and desire to help ensure the availability of future park, recreation, and leisure service opportunities, a degree in Parks and Recreation Management will help you pursue this career. Graduates find jobs with municipal parks and recreation departments, private resorts, federal land-management agencies, correctional institutions, nonprofit organizations, and a variety of other outlets in the industry."  
(Provided By: Northern Arizona University)

"Within the Leisure Studies (LS) track, students may pursue a concentration in either:  General Recreation (GR); or Therapeutic Recreation (TR).  The completion of 120 semester credit hours with a minimum of cgpa of 2.50 inclusive of a required internship leads to earning a B.S. degree in Leisure Studies (General Recreation or Therapeutic Recreation). For the TR concentration, students are also eligible or required to take (and pass) the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) Examination." 
(Provided By: Grambling State University)

"The Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration teaches students how to design, deliver and evaluate leisure experiences. Leisure is commonly recognized as arts, recreation, entertainment, health and fitness, hospitality, outdoor activities, sport, travel, and tourism."
(Provided By: Western Illinois University)

"These courses focus on skills needed for working with public recreation and park agencies at the city, county, regional, and state levels (e.g., city or county Department of Parks and Recreation), special districts (e.g., East Bay Regional Park District) and/or non-profit agencies (e.g., after-school programs, fundraising events, programs for seniors, summer camps, etc.)." 
(Provided By: Sacramento State University)

"Park management has many dimensions and SRU provides the tools you need to excel in park interpretation, natural history, visitor services, administration, and resource management and protection. Practicum experiences and cooperative adventures give you hands-on experience, and 12-week internship in a national or state park or similar venue will ensure that you enter the field with the practical knowledge that will make you stand out among other candidates." 
(Provided By: Slippery Rock University)

"Become a part of a profession that helps others lead happier, healthier lives. Our nationally accredited program and quality internship program serve as a springboard into a variety of career options in an economic sector with strong and steady growth. Our high professional placement rates and hands-on job-ready skills prepare you to do what you love and make a good living doing it." 
(Provided By: SUNY-Courtland)

"This concentration is designed for students interested in working for city/county/metro parks and recreation departments. Students also land jobs with nonprofit community agencies, such as YMCA/YWCA, 4H, or scouting programs. Students may also be interested in working in military/MWR settings, campus recreation, or special event planning."
(Provided By: Eastern Kentucky University)

"We offer majors in outdoor adventure leadership and therapeutic recreation. Both offer you an opportunity to blend your interest in helping people live a healthy, satisfying, independent, and productive life with strategies that focus on recreation, leisure, or the outdoors. You will have opportunities for hands-on practice with real clients to nurture the importance of leisure in a sustainable and health lifestyle."
(Provided By: Ithaca College)