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Why is this Important?

  • Watching videos on the subject helps you understand the true nature of the major
  • Viewing student work helps you see the quality and complexity of what you’ll study
  • Videos allow you to see facilities, and resources of schools that teach the major

More About Nursing (RN/BSN)

"The School of Nursing and Health Professions at the University of San Francisco advances the mission of the university by preparing health professionals to address the determinants of health, promote policy and advocacy and provide a moral compass to transform health care in order to further equity and positively influence quality, delivery, and access."
(Provided by: The University of San Francisco)

Schreiner University’s BSN Program is committed to advancing the nursing profession through the holistic educational preparation of health professionals to develop and produce quality graduates who are nurse leaders, lifelong learners, and are dedicated to the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations through the provision of safe, competent nursing care.
(Provided By Schreiner University)

"The two-year nursing program prepares individuals for nursing careers involving the delivery of direct client care in settings such as hospitals, physician offices, clinics, extended care facilities, and the client's home. The curriculum includes a balance of nursing and non-nursing courses." 
(Provided By: Bluefield State College)

Students enrolled in the direct-entry nursing program at Mount Union will start in nursing courses their freshman year and participate in nursing clinical practicums beginning in their second year. A rigorous curriculum with roots in the liberal arts tradition combined with extensive clinical practicum opportunities prepares students to be leaders in the nursing profession. 
(Provided By: The University of Mount Union)

"The University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies offers courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Health Science. Baccalaureate education provides the foundation for further education in specialized health professional fields. Pre-professional tracks include: Pre-medicine, Pre-occupational Therapy, Pre-physical Therapy, Pre-pharmacy, Management/Health Policy, Health Sciences General." 
(Provided By: The University of Miami)

"UIndy partners with local health systems to bring you clinical experiences that expose you to the best holistic and community nursing practices. Over six semesters, you’ll have two days per week of faculty-supervised hands-on experience providing direct care to patients of all ages."
(Provided By: The University of Indianapolis)

The career outlook for nursing is excellent. A shortage of nurses has led hospitals and other employers to offer flexible work schedules, educational benefits, and other incentives to retain existing staff and to recruit new graduates. 
(Provided By: The University of West Alabama)

The Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing program prepares graduates to practice in a variety of settings and to care for individuals, families and populations across the lifespan. Graduates achieve competencies that address the rapidly changing health care needs of Oregon's aging and ethnically diverse populations and are eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination. 
(Provided by: The Oregon Health Science University)