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Why is this Important?

  • Watching videos on the subject helps you understand the true nature of the major
  • Viewing student work helps you see the quality and complexity of what you’ll study
  • Videos allow you to see facilities, and resources of schools that teach the major

More About Human Resources Mgmt

"The study of management prepares men and women for positions of leadership in profit and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Management curriculum focuses on the nature and capabilities of human and other resources, as well as how the manager plans, organizes, staffs, coordinates, and evaluates those resources in an organization and its environment." 
(Provided by: University of Arkansas) 

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management will equip students with the necessary skills to successfully manage human capital within organizations. A focused curriculum will cover topics that include building effective teams, compensation, global human resources, personal leadership skills, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, training and development, labor laws, and consulting. 
(Provided by: The University of Illinois-Chicago)

"If you have good communications and interpersonal skills, an understanding of human behavior, enjoy counseling and teaching, and think you'd like to help manage conflict and change, a career in human resource management might be perfect for you.  Many who concentrate in human resource management major in either business administration or psychology."
(Provided By: Roanoke College)

"The Department of Management offers courses in such areas as consulting, change management, human capital management, and entrepreneurship. Students may either choose from the available courses to customize a major in general management, or follow the focused curriculum in consulting and change management." 
(Provided by: University of Texas) 

"The human resource management (HRM) track and minor provides skills in areas such as selecting, training, motivating, evaluating, and compensating employees."
(Provided by: Washington State University)

"The human resource management major is designed to give students in-depth exposure to specific areas of human resource management and organizational behavior compared to the more broad-based business administration major. The program builds on a foundation of business courses with a set of courses focused on supervision, leadership and change management, human resource administration, labor relations and the dynamics of human behavior in organizations."
(Provided By: Lake Erie College)

"Students are introduced to the HRM functional areas, including training, staffing, compensation/benefits, labor relations, and employment law, as well as softer skills such as leadership, managing workplace diversity, international HRM, conflict, and negotiations."
(Provided by: Cal State-Long Beach)