Biology is a field high in demand for many reasons, Due to its diverse nature, the biology graduate can go in many different directions after college. Most fields that biology graduates enter pay well and are constantly in high demand. If you are really serious about majoring in biology, the best step is to look for schools with state of the art laboratories and classrooms as well as healthy internship or co-op opportunities. There are also great student chapters of Professional Biological Associations to join in the biology field. Do so at your earliest chance as they will be a great source of career information, and lasting friendships.

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  • When students read what the industry reads, you better understand the ACTUAL major
  • Magazines, Blogs and Newspapers in the industry provide a wealth of information 
  • Industry publications help you research the major in the way it’s used in the profession



Magazine assists bioscience and biotechnology scientists in finding products for biochemistry, immunology, cell biology and other key areas of work. Visit
Collection of articles addressing physics, mathematics, and basic biology.  Visit
Offers in-depth news and analysis on the technologies, companies, and people driving today's industry. Visit
Provides an overveiw of the monthly magazine covering genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. Visit
Biweekly newspaper for life science professionals Visit
Quarterly magazine produced by the Society for Conservation Biology and dedicated to bridging the gap between conservation science, practice, and policy.  Visit
News service of record for the biotechnology industry. Published every business morning.  Visit
Offers a subscription to weekly news about proteomics technology.  Visit